Download this file to fix bugs in program.
Click ACE.EXE below, and when Windows asks what to do with the file, click "Save" (preferably to your desktop) not "Run."
DO NOT CLICK ON "ACE.EXE" AFTER IT HAS DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DESKTOP. If you do, screen may go blank and you will need to hit Ctrl Alt Delete (all 3 keys at once). You will see, under tab called "Applications," that "Exambusters" is running. Click "End Process" and read instructions which follow.
1. Find "ACE.EXE" on your desktop.
2. Go to "My Computer" and click to open your C: drive folder.
3. Click "Program Files" to open folder.
4. Click "Exambusters" to open folder.
5. Insert downloaded file into Exambusters folder to replace current "ACE.EXE" file.
6. The first time you open the program, a window may appear stating "Publisher not verified. Are you sure you want to run this software." Click "Run" and then uncheck box "always ask before opening file," and program should run as normal.
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