Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  The program doesn't load onto my computer.  
    Answer: Confirm that your computer is IBM (not Macintosh) with operating system Windows XP or Vista. Our program does not work on Macintosh. Sorry. If your operating system is Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows 98, the program may work. Some of the functions may be slow, however, especially the Screen Saver.  
    Answer: Windows XP: You must be logged on as administrator to load and use the program.  
    Answer: Turn off your anti-virus software. It may not recognize the program and will not allow it to load.  
  2.  Error 1911, "could not register...;" missing file error, General loading Trouble  
    • Make sure you are logged on as administrator
    • Disable anti-virus software.
    • Create a new folder on the desktop called "install."
    • Go to "my computer" and right click on the CD drive which contains the Exambusters CD.
    • Select "explore." You will see several files and folders which are on the Exambusters disk.
    • Select all of these and copy to your new folder called "install."
    • Open folder and click on blue icon "setup.exe." Program should install properly. Any error messages, click "ignore," (up to 11 times) and the program will continue loading.
    • When you have completed installation and entered your password (CD must be in drive when entering password and loading courses) delete the folder "install."  
  3.  The Screen Saver function is slow or jammed.  
    Answer: The Screen Saver function requires a relatively fast computer to run quickly, and for the buttons to retrieve previously flashed images in a timely fashion. An older, slower computer will struggle with the data changes.   
  4. The Program will not load and you receive a "scripting" error.  
    Answer: Anti-virus software loaded on your system may prevent our program from loading. Disable the anti-virus software, reboot and load "Exambusters." Then you may enable the anti-virus software again. You may obtain additional information from the following link:    
  5.  Password in use.  
    • Option 1: Reboot your computer. If the "Exambusters" disk is in the drawer, eject it from the drawer and reinsert. A window will come up allowing you to choose "Run Exambusters." Click on that, and the program will open.  
    • Option 2: You have an incomplete install. Go to the start menu, find "Exambusters" and click uninstall. When the uninstall is complete, reboot your computer. Turn off virus software if possible, insert the "Exambusters" disk, and reinstall the program. Allow it to finish, there are many files to install, and it might take a few minutes. Don't do anything else on the computer while it's installing. When the files finish installing, the screen will come up asking you for the password. Type it in.  
    • Option 3: You are not logged on as administrator. You must install the program and log on as administrator to use the program.
  6.  Is this site secure?
    Answer:   Our website is secure. When you click "process order" the address will change to https://secure16.activehost "Activehost" processes our credit cards and the "https" means the next information you type in will be secure.
  7. Error 1401
    Answer: - You need to disable “user account control.” - In Windows Vista, the easiest way to disable user account control is to open the control panel, and type “user account” into the search box. - Click the link for “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off” - Uncheck the box “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer” - After restarting your computer, you should be able to install Exambusters.
  8.  Error 1406 during install - “could not write value to key...”
    Answer: - click “ignore” as many times as it shows up; could be about ten times; the program will load and function normally.
  9.  Error 1404 during uninstall - “could not delete key...”
    Answer: - click “ignore” as many times as it shows up; could be about ten times; the program will uninstall normally
  10.  Program won’t let you complete an install or uninstall
    Answer: to complete INSTALL
    •  put “Exambusters” disk into drive
    • if install doesn’t auto start, go to drive which holds “Exambusters” CD in “My Computer” and click on drive icon
    • select “modify” when it asks you what you’d like to do
    •  any error messages, hit “ignore”
    • program will load; click icon on desktop to start program
    • enter password which came with your CD; if you’ve lost your password, email us at
    • program is now functioning correctly
    • to complete UNINSTALL
    • follow instructions above for install
    • exit program
    • from start menu select “Exambusters” folder and “uninstall”
    • hit ignore with error messages
    • window message that the program has uninstalled may be hidden behind top window showing uninstall progress, so move top window to the side
    • click OK on window that states install is complete .